Soldamatic IE is the first Welding Training Solution powered with Augmented Reality (AR) in the world.

Soldamatic IE is the fourth generation Soldamatic platform, it applies new technologies like AR to enhance the learning process and uses real welding equipment to develop skills and muscle memory.

It applies gamification to improve the motivation of trainees, personalized learning to adapt to their personal needs and green & safe technology to reduce the risks for newcomers and pollution.


Attract new generation of young people to welding, train them better, safer, faster and reducing costs.

Metal colleges, universities, mechanic schools.

Attract students.
Reduce costs.
Improve safety.


Bridge the gap with Industry, train in AR with competition multi-joints and different industry applications.

Welding Training Centres.

Improve efficiency.
Reduce costs.
Prepare for Industry & Welding Competitions.


Improve the productivity of the real welding operations on the field and reduce failure rate in industry re certification processes.

Industrial companies.

Improve quality.
Reduce inefficiency costs.
Upgrade retraining.


AR robotics training to create skilled workforce for the 21st century.

Industrial companies, training centres.



Hardware +4 Software
subscription options

Basic Basic Plus Advanced Industry Robotics
Specific Software for Basic Welding Joints (EWJ)
5 Welding Joints
Specific Software for Advanced Welding Multijoints (AWM)
Specific Software for Industry Welding Multijoints (IWM)
Specific Software for TIG Pedal
Base Materials
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
3, 6 & 10 mm
2 & 15 mm
Soldamatic eLearning
Augmented Training Methodology Course
Soldamatic Welding Curricula (Welding Initiation Course)
International Welder Program by IIW
Analysis Module
Advanced Analysis Module for Welding Multijoints
Customer Area Access
Technical Support
Remote Assistance


All the Soldamatic IE hardware components are real welding equipment. The shape of the Augmented Reality simulator and its front panel are inspired by real welding power sources.

  • Soldamatic Welding Simulator
  • Augmented Reality Helmet
  • 2 WiFi antennas
  • Torches
    • GMAW (MIG / MAG)
    • MMA Electrode
    • GTAW (TIG)
    • Electrode Stick
    • Filler rod
  • Basic Welding Joints
    • V-Butt
    • V-Butt 6" pipe
    • Overlapped
    • T-Angled
    • T-Angled 6" pipe to plate
  • Optional
    • Router
      (Only for classroom configurations)
    • Server
      (Only for classroom configurations)
    • Flight Case
    • Workstand
    • TIG Pedal


  • Soldamatic IE
    • Own-developed software package optimized for Soldamatic IE, supporting AR simulation.
  • Soldamatic eLearning
    • Easy-to-use software compatible with Windows, that helps instructors managing the training process and enables to create and upload content. It also allows them to monitor in real time the activity of each student, evaluate it, and generate detailed reports.


Basic Welding Multijoint

The most used joints in welding
training & certification worldwide.
V-Butt Plate
V-Butt 6” Plate
Overlapped Plate
T-Angled Plate
T-Angled 6” Pipe to Plate

Advanced Welding Multijoint

Developed for International Welding Competition and different industries. Different thicknesses, welding sequences and challenging positions in the same piece.

Industrial Welding Multijoint

Made to meet customer specific training and performance needs. Bring your real pieces to Augmented Reality, train your welders with these augmented pieces and reduce costs and recertification failure.


High quality welding curricula developed by international experts to be performed with Soldamatic IE. These courses will allow instructors to teach welding according to the most demanding international standards and using the innovative Augmented Training methodology of Soldamatic.

The Advanced and Industry licenses include the International Welder program according to the Guideline IAB-089 from the European Welding Federation (EWF) and International Institute of Welding (IIW), designed to be taught with Soldamatic IE, and also suitable for the acquisition of the SENSE certificate from the American Welding Society (AWS).

Soldamatic IE contents include theory, tests and welding practices ready to be performed in different difficulty levels, with or without help icons.

Upload your own welding courses or take advantage of the digital training content specifically developed for Soldamatic IE.

Contents provided by:

DVS CESOL International Welding


Soldamatic eLearning

Learning Management application, focused on helping instructors to manage the whole training program, monitor and assess the trainees’ performance and generate statistics and reports.