Simulation based training for initial and continuation training in education


What is Soldamatic?

An innovative solution based on the latest findings and technologies in simulation training. SOLDAMATIC offers numerous advantages over traditional methods

Cost reduction

Saving material, consumables, gas, energy and logistics.

CO2 footprint

Green technology that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in welder training and minimizes high energy costs.

New target groups

Also Soldamatic 3.0 is built to train advanced welders with modern technology and individual workpieces. Digitization and education 4.0 for a modern training of our welding professionals.


Minimize the security risks : avoidance of the risk of physical injury to the trainees due to the fact that they must reach a certain level on the simulator before being allowed on to train in the real welding bay.


Health prevention through working ergonomically.


New pedagogical concepts enable the training of groups and individuals in a shorter time with the highest quality.


Increasing the number of trainees / participants in qualification, without costly investments in equipment, infrastructure and job requirements in welder training.


Improving the quality of education by increasing the skill level of the trainees in the shortest time.


Training on any site – the simulated Practical training maybe in the classroom and is supported by e-learning units and the latest theory and practice mediation.

Hands-on digitalised qualification

In the AR factory: Individual e-learning, mediation of theory, knowledge tests and practial exercises at the simulator, alternating with hands-on work in the real welding factory.

State-of-the-art AR-based welding qualification:

  • individual
  • educational and methodical consecutive
  • motivational
  • efficient
  • cost-reducing