Robotic welding training to create the 21st century skilled workforce.


First-of-its-kind, comprehensive, flexible and programmable Robot Welding Training


Trains automated welding procedures, increases productivity and provides performance data to companies to identify strengths and gaps.


Customized training for specific to support infrastructure projects with local talent, supporting economic growth.

Education & end-users

Training opportunities for skilled labor to advance their qualifications and certifications to prepare them for in- demand, Industry 4.0 jobs.

Data tracking logs

Soldamatic Robotics System provides documentation from users’ training which can be used to evaluate performance and request funding.

Hyper-realism experience

Augmented Reality-based training creates most real-life experience: Sight, Sound and Feel - and allows customization to support specific practices and test preparation.

Soldamatic Robotics connects a robot arm to:

  • Prepare a welding routine before applying it to the production environment.
  • Train robot operators on programming and operating for real welding routines.
  • AR technology allows using the real teach pendant on real robots while reducing waste and risk.
  • Modernize the welding training center training students for the latest manufacturing requirements.


The most realistic, comprehensive, flexible and programmable robotics welding training solution


Industry 4.0 is accelerating automation

Automated tasks in factories are expected to grow from 5% to 8% by 2028. Collaboration between people and machines requires increased skills for operators.

Global shortage of welders

Global demand for welders is increasing by 8% globally. Existing welders are retiring. Traditional Welding Training is inefficient and doesn’t attract young people.

Robotics are the backbone of automation

Since 2009, the number of manufacturing robots has more than doubled. Manufacturing Industrial Robots are expected to grow by 80% by 2026.

Brochure e.Do

Brochure e.Do


  • Adaptable to any educational institution
  • Welding joints for different levels
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Real time interaction
  • Shared visibility of practices between trainer & students


  • Proven curriculum with hundreds of built-in practices
  • On-premise & remote access
  • Transparent and consistent experience. Access anytime, from anywhere.
  • Fully complete solution
  • Educational & industrial programming with Comau e.Do