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e-Learning is a LMS (Learning Management System) application for the management and development of the course which allows to the teacher to create contents, manage the course, and control the evolution of the students, as well as the interaction between the teacher and student in real time.


Create content and practices or use the available ones.

Select the scoring methodology and guidelines.

Manage the students.

Control the evolution of each student or the totality of them.

Analyze the technique parameters, adjustments, and defects.


Web access to the contents, theory, and practices.

Review their own performance.

Analyze the technique parameters, adjustments, and defects.


It is not necessary the connection in real time, the information is updated when the connection is reestablished.

Virtual class; sharing their screen and chatting in real time.

Database in the local server or the cloud.

Connection in real-time and continuous update of data in the server.

Student and teacher can communicate in real time by chat or sharing the screen.

Global deployment in education and Industry 4.0.

Seabery AT – AUGMENTED TRAINING Methodology combines the practical part of Augmented Reality with the practical part of reality. This is the concept of Augmented Lab, which allows the students to immerse in simulation environments in which they can practice in the most realistic way without limitations, risk-free, and without additional costs, until they acquire the abilities and skills necessary to move to a real environment.





Curso Augmented Training Soldamatic Welding

Metodología Augmented Training

Introducción a soldadura robotizada

MAG posición PF / PD / PH

Introduction to welding

Introduction to AT

Robotic Welding

Certification preparation PF+PD+PH based on UNE EN-ISO 9606-1:2017

Lab Manual: Fundamentals of Welding Curriculum

Collection of guided tasks and activities developed by AWS as part of a welding curriculum for high schools and technical colleges.

International Welder EWF/IIW IAB-089r5-14

Electrode, MIG-MAG, FCAW and TIG for carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel

Augmented Training Metal Active Gas Welding (MAG)

Augmented Training Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA)

International Welder EWF/IIW IAB-089r5-14

Introduction to GMAW (MIG/MAG)

Introduction to SMAW (MMA Electrode)

Electrode, MIG-MAG, FCAW and TIG for carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel

Basic training Fillet welder: SMAW/MMA

Basic training Fillet welder: GMAW

Basic training Fillet welder: GTAW

Introduction to SMAW (MMA Electrode)

Introduction to GMAW (MIG/MAG)

Introducción a GTAW