Soldamatic IE 4.0

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Manual Training

Complete, efficient, and modern manual welding training solution. It allows the practice of manual welding through a wide catalogue of welding joints in Augmented Reality, with carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, in thicknesses from 1mm to 25mm and GMAW (MIG/MAG) & FCAW, SMAW (MMA Electrode), GTAW (TIG) processes.

Remove the inefficient, expensive, risky, and polluting training.


more certified welders than traditional methodology


decrease of real time in learning



decrease of laboratory costs


less accidents

Choose the plan which is best adapted to your necessities

Soldamatic allows to digitalize your training welding program through a flexible subscription system.
The license system of Soldamatic is adapted to your budget, the Training Plan with a unique payment or the Prime Plan with an annual subscription payment.


Soldamatic welding simulator, torches and mask
Soldamatic e-Learning
5 Education welding joints: carbon steel, aluminium & stainless steel
Compatible with 12 advanced welding multijoints & functionalities
1 Free advanced welding multijoints
Free software new release upgrades
Discount on upcoming hardware
Accesso a lnternational Welder curricula
Training content digitaIization service
Cloud connectivity



Discover the Renewal Plan

Technology advances really fast, adapting to the requirements of an increasingly demanding Industry 4.0. To remain competitive, it is key to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Soldamatic is a state-of-the-art technology that keeps advancing at a fast pace, and it continues improving constantly. Now, we reward our clients trust with a special program to avoid getting obsolete, keeping their Soldamatic updated.

Thanks to the Renewal Plan, you can update or substitute your equipment with the latest version of software and hardware.

Soldamatic over time


The first Soldamatic version used 2D technology, with two welding processes and just one welding material. This first version was the starting point for the Soldamatic Project.


he second (1.4) Soldamatic version was a real revolution, introducing the Augmented Reality Technology to the welding training scene for the first time. The AR technology took the next step in realism, allowing a never seen before immersive and multisensorial experience, including the use of physical equipment, such as the first five Education welding joints. This version introduced GTAW and two more welding materials.


The 1.4 version already laid the foundation of the Augmented Training Methodology and the E-Learning system, offering a turnkey solution that combines theory and intensive practice. Beside this new education model, the 2.0 version included an improved vision module and cameras system to improve the detection and simulation.


With the 2.5 version came the MMA and TIG markers, combined with higher quality cameras and hardware, making the experience even more realistic.


This approach to Industry 4.0 took the next step with Soldamatic 4.0, expanding the Advanced Welding Multijoints catalogue up to 15 different welding joints, designed for specific industrial verticals.

This AWMs included new advanced welding features like the transfer modes, a wider variety of thicknesses or pulsed arc.

Soldamatic 4.0 includes HyperReal-SIM, providing the most immersive training experience thanks to a technology based on the parametrization of real welding and the use of the most powerful graphics tools and real welding equipment. This version introduced the possibility to work remotely, thanks to the Cloud technology.

The 4.0 version introduced the first of its kind robotics welding training solution, working with Augmented Reality and real components. And supported by a robotics welding curricula and specific robotics Advanced Welding Multijoints.

Do not get obsolete

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